Launch of Impact Studios (III)

Phase III (Fall - Winter 2024)

Once the renovation is complete, we move into the exciting phase of launching our Impact Studios. We plan a grand opening event to introduce the studios to the community, providing an opportunity to showcase the renovated spaces and express our gratitude to supporters and volunteers. We establish guidelines and procedures for entrepreneurs and businesses to utilize the Impact Studios, offering mentorship, training, and resources to support their growth. Our comprehensive marketing and outreach strategy promotes the availability of the Impact Studios to the wider community, aiming to attract potential users and build strong partnerships. Throughout this phase, continuous feedback is collected to make necessary adjustments and ensure the effectiveness of our offerings.

Complete the Renovation of Impact Studios:

Plan Grand Opening Event:

Establish Guidelines and Procedures:

Develop a Program to Support Entrepreneurs and Businesses:

Promote Availability to the Wider Community:

Collect Feedback and Make Necessary Adjustments:

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