Financial Stewardship & Investment

Revenue Roles: Fueling Our Collective Effort

In the broader landscape of societal transformation, resources play a pivotal role. It's an inescapable reality that "money makes the world go round" and, at Urban Array, we acknowledge this truth and strategically position ourselves to be effective in this context.

Our Revenue roles are dedicated to securing the funds required to catalyze and sustain our transformative community projects. They negotiate partnerships, orchestrate crowdfunding campaigns, and organize fundraising events, all while maintaining a keen focus on our mission.

However, our financial foundation is not solely built on external fundraising; it's also about the sacrifices we make as members of this movement. We understand that unlocking our collective volunteer potential requires tangible resources – insurance, sustenance, security, software, and more. Therefore, every member contributes not just time and effort, but also shares in the financial commitment needed to propel our mission forward.

By investing in our cause, we not only strengthen our resolve but also ensure that our impact is felt deeply within the communities we serve. Together, we can make every dollar count towards building sustainable, thriving communities.

Fundraising Strategist

Description: The Fundraising Strategist is pivotal in sustaining Urban Array's projects through the development and implementation of effective fundraising strategies. This role requires creative thinking, effective planning, and a deep understanding of various fundraising avenues.

Responsibilities: The Fundraising Strategist's duties involve crafting comprehensive fundraising plans, coordinating fundraising events, and exploring innovative methods to generate revenue. They collaborate closely with other teams to ensure the fundraising efforts align with Urban Array's overall objectives and mission.

Workload: Regular involvement in planning sessions, managing fundraising campaigns, coordinating events, and maintaining ongoing communication with donors and the Urban Array team.

Grant Research Specialist

Description: The Grant Research Specialist is instrumental in identifying potential grant opportunities that align with Urban Array's mission and projects. They have a crucial role in understanding and navigating the complexities of various grant applications.

Responsibilities: The Grant Research Specialist's tasks include identifying potential grant opportunities, researching eligibility criteria and application details, maintaining a database of suitable grants, and communicating these opportunities to the relevant teams.

Workload: Regular research of grant opportunities, updating the grant database, and communicating with the Urban Array team regarding potential grant applications.

Grant Writer

Description: The Grant Writer is responsible for articulating Urban Array's mission, projects, and impact into compelling grant proposals. Working closely with the Grant Research Specialist, they play a crucial role in securing financial support for Urban Array's projects.

Responsibilities: The Grant Writer is tasked with drafting and editing grant proposals, aligning each application with the specific grant requirements, and communicating with the Grant Research Specialist to ensure all necessary information is included in the proposal.

Workload: Regular drafting and editing of grant proposals, aligning proposals with grant requirements, and maintaining ongoing communication with the Grant Research Specialist and the Urban Array team.

Donor Relations Coordinator

Description: The Donor Relations Coordinator plays a vital role in maintaining and nurturing relationships with Urban Array's donors. This role requires excellent communication skills and a commitment to expressing gratitude to our supporters.

Responsibilities: The Donor Relations Coordinator's duties involve communicating with donors, expressing gratitude for their contributions, providing donors with updates on how their donations are making an impact, and creating strategies to encourage long-term support.

Workload: Regular communication with donors, planning and implementing donor appreciation initiatives, and collaborating with the Urban Array team to provide donors with project updates.

Corporate Partnerships Manager

Description: The Corporate Partnerships Manager establishes and cultivates relationships with corporations and businesses that align with Urban Array's mission. This role requires strong networking and negotiation skills.

Responsibilities: The Corporate Partnerships Manager's tasks involve identifying potential corporate partners, pitching Urban Array's mission and projects, negotiating partnership agreements, and maintaining ongoing relationships with corporate partners.

Workload: Regular networking and negotiation with potential corporate partners, maintaining relationships with existing partners, and communicating partnership updates to the Urban Array team.

Crowdfunding Campaign Specialist

Description: The Crowdfunding Campaign Specialist drives the planning and execution of Urban Array's crowdfunding initiatives. This role requires creativity, digital marketing savvy, and a keen understanding of the crowdfunding landscape.

Responsibilities: The Crowdfunding Campaign Specialist's duties include planning and implementing crowdfunding campaigns, creating engaging campaign content, monitoring campaign progress, and communicating updates to the Urban Array team.

Workload: Regular planning and execution of crowdfunding campaigns, creating campaign content, monitoring campaign progress, and maintaining ongoing communication with the Urban Array team.

Fundraising Event Coordinator

Description: The Fundraising Event Coordinator is responsible for organizing events that raise funds for Urban Array's projects. This role requires exceptional organizational skills and a flair for creating engaging and impactful events.

Responsibilities: The Fundraising Event Coordinator's tasks involve planning and executing fundraising events, coordinating with vendors and volunteers, promoting events, and evaluating event success.

Workload: Regular planning and execution of fundraising events, coordinating with vendors and volunteers, and maintaining ongoing communication with the Urban Array team.

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