Building Projects (Phase 2)

New Members

Building and Project Selection Team

  • Sub-task 1: Site Identification

    • Instructions: Conduct thorough research to identify potential sites for projects. This could involve online research, site visits, and communication with local real estate agents or community members.

  • Sub-task 2: Feasibility Analysis

    • Instructions: Conduct a feasibility analysis for each potential site. This should include an assessment of the physical condition of the site, its suitability for the intended project, and the potential for community support and engagement.

  • Sub-task 3: Community Needs Assessment

    • Instructions: Engage with the community to understand their needs and aspirations. This could be through community meetings, surveys, or one-on-one interviews.

  • Sub-task 4: Reporting and Recommendation

    • Instructions: Prepare a detailed report on each potential site, including the results of the feasibility analysis and the community needs assessment. Based on these findings, make a recommendation on whether to proceed with the project.

Building and Project Planning Team

  • Sub-task 1: Project Planning

    • Instructions: Develop a comprehensive plan for the project. This should include a timeline, resource allocation, and plans for community engagement.

  • Sub-task 2: Stakeholder Liaison

    • Instructions: Communicate regularly with all stakeholders, including community members, Urban Array leadership, and any other relevant parties. This will ensure that everyone is aligned with the project plan and any changes are communicated effectively.

  • Sub-task 3: Contingency Planning

    • Instructions: Develop a contingency plan to address any potential challenges or obstacles that might arise during the project. This should include potential risks, mitigation strategies, and alternative plans if necessary.

Adv. Members

Acquisition Team

  • Sub-task 1: Negotiation

    • Instructions: Negotiate with the property owners to agree on the terms of the purchase. This will involve understanding the property value, Urban Array's budget, and any other relevant factors.

  • Sub-task 2: Due Diligence

    • Instructions: Conduct a thorough due diligence process. This will include a legal review of the property's title, a financial review of the purchase, and a physical inspection of the property.

  • Sub-task 3: Completion of Acquisition

    • Instructions: Coordinate with legal and financial teams to complete the acquisition. This will involve ensuring all paperwork is completed accurately and on time.

  • Sub-task 4: Stakeholder Communication

    • Instructions: Keep all stakeholders informed about the status of the acquisition. This will involve regular updates and responding to any queries or concerns.

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