Communication Channels and Tools

Communication Channels and Tools for Effective Collaboration

Effective communication lies at the heart of successful collaboration within Urban Array. To ensure seamless information sharing, real-time interactions, and efficient knowledge management, we employ a range of powerful communication channels and tools. These tools facilitate transparent and productive discussions, promote collaboration across teams, and enable easy access to critical project information.

Here are the key communication channels and tools we leverage:


For real-time communication, we rely on Slack. Slack provides instant messaging, group chats, and channels for focused discussions. It allows our teams to collaborate seamlessly, share ideas, seek feedback, and make decisions efficiently. With Slack, we can stay connected, resolve queries in real-time, and foster a sense of community within Urban Array.

Jira Work Management:

Jira Work Management serves as our central hub for project management. It allows us to track tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and monitor progress. With Jira, we can visualize project workflows, identify bottlenecks, and ensure timely project delivery. It enables us to streamline collaboration, foster accountability, and enhance productivity.

Jira Confluence:

Jira Confluence serves as our private, project-focused knowledge base. It allows us to document project information, create wikis, and store essential documentation. With Confluence, we can capture project requirements, share best practices, and facilitate knowledge transfer. It ensures that project knowledge is easily accessible and helps maintain a centralized repository of information.


To provide public access to our knowledge base, we utilize Gitbook. Gitbook hosts our public documentation, including guides, tutorials, and resources. It serves as a comprehensive reference for our community members, providing insights into Urban Array's initiatives, processes, and best practices. Gitbook fosters transparency and empowers our community to explore and engage with our work.

Google Drive:

Google Drive is another essential tool we leverage for collaboration and document sharing. It allows us to create, store, and share files, presentations, and spreadsheets securely. With Google Drive, we can collaborate in real-time, provide access controls, and ensure version control for our shared documents. It enhances efficiency and enables seamless collaboration on various projects and initiatives.

Towards the Future: SEAMS and Decentralization

Looking ahead, our aspiration is to develop SEAMS (Sustainable Empowerment and Management System), a custom-built platform that aligns with our long-term vision. SEAMS will be designed to cater to the specific needs of our community members, providing them with an intuitive and seamless user experience. It will offer enhanced customization options, process efficiency, and greater control over data.

One of the primary objectives of SEAMS is to establish a decentralized infrastructure. We envision leveraging emerging technologies, such as blockchain, to distribute data and decision-making authority among our community members. By embracing decentralization, we can ensure data sovereignty, enhance transparency, and foster a more equitable and resilient ecosystem within Urban Array.

SEAMS will enable us to build a platform that reflects our values of community empowerment, sustainable development, and data privacy. It will offer advanced features and functionalities that facilitate collaboration, knowledge sharing, and streamlined operations. SEAMS will serve as a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal of a fully decentralized organizational structure.

As we embark on this journey, we will keep our community updated on the progress of SEAMS and our efforts towards decentralization. Your feedback, input, and active participation will play a vital role in shaping SEAMS and driving the future direction of Urban Array.

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