Community Activism & Outreach (Phase 0)

Roles that underpin Urban Array's mission, each contributing to community engagement, volunteer organization, advocacy efforts, and holistic community development. Sharing the impact of unity.

Community Outreach Organizer

  • Description: The Community Outreach Organizer is the bridge between Urban Array and the local community, fostering relationships and ensuring the organization's mission is clearly communicated and aligned with the community's needs and aspirations.

  • Responsibilities: The Community Outreach Organizer conducts community needs assessments, develops and implements strategies that align with Urban Array's mission of building sustainable, self-sufficient communities, and organizes community events that encourage participation and ownership. They act as the liaison between Urban Array and the community, ensuring open and effective communication.

  • Workload: Regular community meetings, organizing and attending events, maintaining ongoing communication with community members, and participating in the development and execution of Urban Array initiatives.

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Description: The Volunteer Coordinator oversees the recruitment, training, and management of volunteers who are integral to the realization of Urban Array's community projects. They ensure that volunteers are effectively utilized and feel valued and engaged.

  • Responsibilities: The Volunteer Coordinator recruits and trains volunteers, matches them with suitable roles within the community projects, organizes volunteer appreciation events, and manages communication with volunteers. They also track volunteer contributions and facilitate their active participation in the projects.

  • Workload: Regular recruitment activities, volunteer training sessions, daily communication with volunteers, and maintaining a positive volunteer environment.

Advocacy Coordinator

  • Description: The Advocacy Coordinator advocates for Urban Array's mission and goals within the community and beyond. They work to influence public opinion and policy in ways that benefit the community and the mission of sustainable development.

  • Responsibilities: The Advocacy Coordinator develops and implements advocacy strategies, conducts public speaking engagements, liaises with policy makers, and organizes advocacy events and campaigns. They stay informed about relevant policy issues and trends, and ensure that Urban Array's mission is understood and supported.

  • Workload: Advocacy campaigns, public speaking engagements, policy research, liaising with local and regional policy makers, and organizing events.

Community Development Specialist

  • Description: The Community Development Specialist focuses on community building and development projects in line with Urban Array's mission. They work closely with community members to identify needs and implement solutions.

  • Responsibilities: The Community Development Specialist conducts community development projects, liaises with community members and partners, and monitors and reports on project outcomes. They work to secure funding and resources for community development initiatives, ensuring that the projects reflect the needs and wants of the community.

  • Workload: Project planning and implementation, regular community consultations, project monitoring, and reporting. They are actively involved in the development and growth of the community initiatives.

These roles are vital for ensuring that Urban Array's work aligns with the needs and aspirations of the community. They require individuals with strong communication skills, a deep understanding of the community, and a commitment to sustainable, equitable development.

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