Initial Phases

Phases I - IV Overview (First 18 months)

Welcome to the Urban Array Relaunch Roadmap! We are embarking on an exciting journey to revitalize and transform our organization, with a mission to empower communities and create lasting positive change. This overview provides a high-level glimpse into the initial key phases and timeline of our relaunch process.

Timeline Overview

Phase 0: Preliminary Planning (December 2023- March 2024)

The Preliminary Planning phase sets the stage for our relaunch. During this period, we assemble a core team of talented individuals who bring diverse expertise in community development, project management, fundraising, marketing, and communications. Together, we define our vision, articulate a compelling mission statement, and establish core values that will guide our activities. We also set specific and measurable goals, establish communication channels, and create a robust project management infrastructure. This phase lays the foundation for our relaunch journey.

In the Building Renovation Planning and Fundraising phase, we shift our focus to the physical transformation of our Impact Studios. We conduct thorough research and analysis to identify suitable locations that align with our vision and community needs. Working closely with architects, engineers, and contractors, we develop a detailed renovation plan that encompasses structural improvements, building code compliance, energy efficiency, and thoughtful design elements. Concurrently, we engage in fundraising activities to secure the necessary resources for the renovation project. This phase ensures that we have a solid plan in place to bring our vision to life.

Phase 2: Building Renovation (May 2024- October 2024)

With the planning and fundraising complete, we enter the Building Renovation phase where our vision takes shape. Construction teams and contractors mobilize to initiate the physical renovation of our Impact Studios. Under the guidance of our dedicated project manager, we adhere to established timelines and closely coordinate with architects, engineers, and professionals to ensure quality and compliance with design specifications and building codes. We also actively engage volunteers from the community, fostering a sense of community ownership and pride in the renovation project. Throughout this phase, regular updates are communicated to the community and donors, showcasing progress and expressing our deep appreciation for their support.

The Launch of Impact Studios marks a significant milestone in our relaunch journey. With the completion of the renovation work, we organize a grand opening event to introduce the Impact Studios to the community. This event provides an opportunity to showcase the transformed spaces and express our gratitude to all the supporters and volunteers who made this journey possible. We establish clear guidelines and procedures for entrepreneurs and businesses to utilize the Impact Studios, offering mentorship, training, and resources to support their growth. A comprehensive marketing and outreach strategy is implemented to promote the availability of the Impact Studios to the wider community. Throughout this phase, we continuously collect feedback, making necessary adjustments to enhance the functionality and effectiveness of the Impact Studios.

Join us on this transformative journey as we revitalize Urban Array and create a positive impact on communities. Together, we can make a difference and build a brighter future. Stay tuned for more updates and opportunities to get involved!

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