Impact Studio Anchors

Empowering Communities Through Creativity and Social Impact

Fostering Sustainable Development and Clustered Communities

Urban Array's Impact Studios are vibrant and transformative spaces designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and positive social change. These studios serve as anchors within our communities, providing a wide range of amenities and initiatives that empower individuals, enhance community engagement, and drive sustainable development. Our cluster development strategy aims to create centers of community and commerce that can organically spread outward, revitalizing neighborhoods and creating more walkable and engaging areas. Let's explore the detailed objectives and initiatives of Impact Studios.

Impact Studios

A Hub for Community Engagement and Entrepreneurship The Impact Studios serve as social and intellectual hubs, central meeting places for community members, mentors, and entrepreneurs. These studios offer shared spaces, meeting rooms, video labs, and other resources necessary for business development, enabling groups to work on diverse projects. From developing vertical farming enterprises to opening new restaurants and creating socially-engaged public art installations, everyone works toward the common goal of building sustainable marketplaces in their neighborhoods.


Facilitating Business Development and Community Sustainability The Impact Studios focus on existing businesses and organizations within the neighborhood while developing essential business types needed for community sustainability. The goal is to create social franchises that can be replicated in similar neighborhoods, enabling entrepreneurs to leverage economies of scale, best practices, and shared insights through experimentation, hypothesis testing, and systems thinking. The initial focus areas for frameworks include urban agriculture, upcycle and reuse centers, building, construction, and demolition, health and wellness, self-care and service businesses, technology and software startups, and innovative retail marketplace experiences. These frameworks will evolve based on the needs and wants of member communities.

Cluster Development Strategy

Creating Vibrant and Engaging Communities Our cluster development strategy involves establishing anchor projects in designated areas. Once these anchor projects are in place, Urban Array will acquire adjacent buildings and construct spaces to house businesses created or incubated within the Impact Studios, or viable businesses from outside the network but within the community. This clustering of businesses around a central hub or plaza increases walkability and creates a more environmentally and socially conscious neighborhood.

Community Depot

A Catalyst for Sustainable Design and Adaptive Reuse The Community Depot within the Impact Studio plays a crucial role in sustainable design and adaptive reuse. It serves as a warehouse and workshop space where off-site work for rehab and reuse takes place. Activities such as furniture repair and building, refurbishing building and architectural elements, training, and office builds of refurbished elements or trailers are conducted. The Community Depot promotes resource conservation, circular economy principles, and the preservation of local architectural heritage.

Revitalizing Surrounding Spaces

Green Areas, Parks, and Residential Rehabilitation Around the core of support and commerce within the Impact Studio, Urban Array and its partners invest in the rehabilitation and redevelopment of residential spaces. This revitalization enhances the quality of life, decreases carbon footprints, and fosters local autonomy and economic sustainability. The creation of green spaces, parks, and gardens further contributes to the overall well-being and aesthetic appeal of the community.

Experimentation, Innovation & Artistic Expression:

Nurturing Cultural Wealth Urban Array recognizes the importance of supporting cultural wealth and ensuring that neighborhoods remain vessels for hope and transformation without displacement. Impact Studios provide a platform for community expression through socially-engaged art, cultural development, and neighborhood renewal. Libraries, community centers, galleries, and public spaces of tomorrow are created, allowing teachers, learners, builders, doers, and entrepreneurs to shape flourishing communities.

Local Micro-Economies:

Empowering Communities to Invest in Themselves Urban Array empowers communities to invest in themselves and focuses on creating sustainable businesses that are owned and serve the community itself. By building on existing community resources and deploying our network, we enable neighborhoods to utilize the skills and talents of their residents to solve local issues. Through frameworks and the SEAMS platform, value is exchanged locally, increasing working opportunities, social cohesion, and financial stability. Our platform allows value to percolate up from the community itself, fostering a true grassroots movement.

Let's explore the detailed amenities and objectives of Impact Studios.

Community Depot

Unlocking Creativity and Sustainable Solutions through Adaptive Reuse

Urban Array's Impact Studios and Community Depot are transformative spaces designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and positive social change. These studios serve as anchors within our communities, providing a wide range of amenities and initiatives that empower individuals, enhance community engagement, and drive sustainable development. The Community Depot, in particular, plays a vital role in promoting sustainability, creativity, and resource conservation within the Impact Studios.

Community Depot

A Space for Sustainability and Creativity The Community Depot within the Impact Studios serves as a hub for sustainable practices, creativity, and resource management. It provides a dedicated warehouse and workshop space where members can engage in various off-site activities focused on rehab and reuse.

Selective Demolition

The Community Depot promotes selective or careful demolition practices. Instead of complete teardowns, members learn to salvage reusable building materials such as doors, windows, flooring, and fixtures. This approach reduces waste and supports the principles of a circular economy.

Furniture Repair and Building

The Community Depot offers opportunities for members to learn furniture repair techniques and engage in building projects. Through workshops and expert guidance, individuals can extend the lifespan of furniture, reduce waste, and contribute to a circular economy.

Architectural Refurbishment

In line with sustainable construction practices, the Community Depot facilitates the refurbishment of architectural elements. Members can participate in carefully selecting, restoring, and repurposing salvaged materials from deconstructed buildings. This process preserves historical features while reducing the demand for new materials.

Landscaping Depot and Design Shop:

The Community Depot serves as a depot for landscaping materials, providing members with access to resources like plants, mulch, and hardscape elements. Additionally, it functions as a design shop, offering guidance and materials for creating sustainable and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces.

Impact on the Community

The Community Depot at the Impact Studios creates a positive impact on the broader community in several ways:

  • Promotion of Sustainability: By actively engaging in sustainable practices, the Community Depot inspires community members to adopt environmentally friendly behaviors, reducing waste and carbon footprint.

  • Skill Development: Workshops and activities at the depot equip community members with practical skills in furniture repair, architectural refurbishment, and sustainable landscaping, empowering them to make sustainable choices in their own lives.

  • Circular Economy: Through selective demolition and architectural refurbishment, the depot supports the concept of a circular economy by reducing waste and promoting the reuse of materials.

  • Beautification of Spaces: The availability of landscaping resources and design guidance allows community members to create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces, enhancing the aesthetics and livability of the community.

Impact on Members

The Community Depot at the Impact Studios provides numerous benefits and opportunities for members:

  • Skill Enhancement: Members gain practical skills in furniture repair, architectural refurbishment, and landscaping, empowering them to engage in sustainable practices and contribute to a circular economy.

  • Creative Expression: The depot offers members a platform to express their creativity through projects related to furniture building, architectural refurbishment, and outdoor space design.

  • Resource Access: The depot provides access to a wide range of resources, materials, and tools necessary for off-site projects, enabling members to bring their creative ideas to life.

  • Collaboration and Networking: The Community Depot fosters collaboration and networking opportunities among members with shared interests in sustainability, creativity, and resource conservation.

  • Personal Fulfillment: By actively participating in sustainable practices, members derive a sense of fulfillment and purpose, knowing that their actions contribute to a more environmentally conscious and vibrant community.

Urban Array's Impact Studios and Community Depot exemplify a vision for communities that embrace sustainability, creativity, and social impact. Through the various amenities and initiatives, including the Community Depot's focus on furniture repair, architectural refurbishment, selective demolition, and landscaping, the Impact Studios empower individuals, enhance community engagement, and drive positive change.

By fostering a sense of environmental responsibility, providing opportunities for creativity and skill development, and promoting collaboration and resource conservation, the Impact Studios and Community Depot serve as catalysts for sustainable and vibrant communities.

Creative Workspaces

The Impact Studios offer dedicated workspaces for artists, designers, makers, and entrepreneurs to pursue their creative endeavors. These spaces are equipped with tools, equipment, and resources necessary for various artistic disciplines, enabling members to bring their ideas to life.


  • Foster creativity and artistic expression within the community.

  • Provide a supportive and well-equipped environment for members to develop their creative skills.

  • Encourage cross-disciplinary collaborations and exchange of ideas among artists and makers.

Multimedia Production Facilities:

The Impact Studios are equipped with multimedia production facilities, including recording studios, editing suites, and equipment for audio and video production. These facilities enable members to create high-quality multimedia content for various purposes.


  • Support aspiring musicians, filmmakers, and content creators in producing professional-grade content.

  • Provide access to state-of-the-art equipment and resources for multimedia production.

  • Encourage the exploration of different forms of creative expression and storytelling.

Nurturing Sustainable Food Systems: Urban Agriculture

In the heart of Urban Array's Impact Studios lies a deep-rooted commitment to fostering sustainable food systems within our communities. Through a combination of high and low-tech urban agriculture initiatives, we aim to empower individuals, promote food sovereignty, and address the pressing challenges of food access and security. These initiatives not only contribute to the local food ecosystem but also foster community engagement, environmental stewardship, and innovative approaches to urban development.

Harnessing the power of urban agriculture, our Impact Studios offer a diverse range of amenities that support the cultivation of fresh, nutritious food in both traditional and innovative ways. Let's explore the key offerings that enable our members to become active participants in nurturing sustainable food systems:

Traditional Community Gardens

Within the Impact Studios, we provide dedicated spaces and resources for traditional community gardens. These vibrant patches of green serve as gathering places where members can cultivate their own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. By promoting hands-on gardening experiences, we foster community connections, enhance food security, and encourage the consumption of locally-grown produce.

Indoor Vertical Gardens

At the forefront of urban agriculture innovation, our Impact Studios offer high-tech indoor vertical gardens. These cutting-edge systems utilize hydroponics, aeroponics, or aquaponics to grow plants vertically, maximizing space and resource efficiency. By harnessing the power of controlled environments, we enable year-round cultivation and bring urban farming to new heights.

Educational Workshops

Knowledge is the seed that fuels sustainable food systems. Our Impact Studios provide a rich learning environment through educational workshops and training programs. Members can delve into topics such as sustainable farming practices, seed starting, organic pest management, and soil health. These workshops empower individuals with the knowledge and skills to grow their own food and become stewards of the land.

Seed Exchange and Plant Nursery

Preserving biodiversity and supporting heirloom crops are paramount to sustainable agriculture. To facilitate this, our Impact Studios offer a seed exchange program and maintain a plant nursery. Members have access to a diverse array of seeds and starter plants, enabling them to explore a wide range of plant varieties and contribute to the conservation of our agricultural heritage.

Composting and Soil Health

Healthy soil is the foundation of thriving gardens. Our Impact Studios emphasize the importance of composting and soil health initiatives. Members can learn various composting techniques, such as vermicomposting and hot composting, to transform organic waste into nutrient-rich soil amendments. By nourishing the earth, we cultivate resilient and productive growing spaces.

Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA)

To forge stronger connections between local farmers and community members, our Impact Studios facilitate a community-supported agriculture program. Through CSA, members can subscribe to receive regular deliveries of fresh, locally-grown produce. This mutually beneficial model supports small-scale farmers, strengthens community bonds, and ensures access to seasonal, sustainably-produced food.

Collaborative Farming Projects

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our Impact Studios encourage members to embark on collaborative farming projects. From rooftop gardens to shared plots, these initiatives bring together individuals who share resources, land, and expertise to cultivate larger-scale urban agricultural endeavors. By pooling their efforts, members foster community bonds, share knowledge, and diversify crop production.

Food Justice and Food Access Initiatives

Addressing food justice and ensuring equitable access to healthy food is at the forefront of our mission. In partnership with local organizations, our Impact Studios actively engage in food justice and food access initiatives. Members can participate in activities such as gleaning programs, community meals, and food distribution drives, working together to build more inclusive and resilient food systems.

Research and Innovation in Urban Agriculture

Continual innovation is vital to the advancement of urban agriculture. Within our Impact Studios, we foster research and experimentation in this field. Members are encouraged to explore new techniques, technologies, and crop varieties. By pushing the boundaries of urban farming, we aim to develop sustainable practices, harness vertical farming systems, and integrate urban agriculture into smart city initiatives.

Food Entrepreneurship Support

Entrepreneurial endeavors play a significant role in building vibrant food systems. Our Impact Studios provide comprehensive support for members interested in food entrepreneurship. From developing value-added products to exploring farm-to-table restaurant concepts, members receive guidance, mentorship, and access to resources that help them start and grow their own food-related businesses. By nurturing local entrepreneurship, we drive economic development, create job opportunities, and foster the expansion of sustainable food enterprises within the community.

Through our commitment to urban agriculture and sustainable food systems, Urban Array's Impact Studios create a fertile ground for transformation, resilience, and community empowerment. These initiatives serve as catalysts for change, fostering a sense of connection, self-sufficiency, and environmental stewardship within our communities. Together, we cultivate a healthier, more sustainable future where fresh, locally-grown food thrives and nourishes us all.

Co-working Spaces

The Impact Studios provide flexible co-working spaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. These spaces are designed to promote collaboration, productivity, and networking opportunities, creating a vibrant ecosystem of creative professionals.


  • Support entrepreneurship and economic development within the community.

  • Foster a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing among members.

  • Facilitate the growth of startups and small businesses by providing access to shared resources and mentorship.

Learning and Training Facilities


  • Provide access to educational resources and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Empower individuals to enhance their skills, acquire new knowledge, and explore entrepreneurial possibilities.

  • Foster a culture of lifelong learning and continuous improvement within the community.

Exhibition and Performance Spaces

The Impact Studios include dedicated spaces for exhibitions, performances, and events. These spaces serve as platforms for artists, performers, and cultural practitioners to showcase their work and engage with the community.


  • Celebrate artistic expression and cultural diversity within the community.

  • Promote local arts and traditions by providing opportunities for artists to exhibit their work.

  • Enhance community pride and identity through cultural events and performances.

Collaboration Areas and Meeting Rooms

The Impact Studios offer collaborative spaces and meeting rooms where members can come together to brainstorm ideas, hold team meetings, or collaborate on projects. These spaces are designed to facilitate communication, collaboration, and innovation.


  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-pollination of ideas among members.

  • Foster a culture of innovation and problem-solving through collaborative projects.

  • Provide a conducive environment for networking and knowledge exchange among members.

Event Spaces

The Impact Studios feature versatile event spaces that can accommodate a variety of activities such as workshops, seminars, performances, art exhibitions, and community gatherings. These spaces are designed to be flexible and customizable to suit the needs of different events.


  • Create opportunities for community engagement and cultural enrichment.

  • Foster dialogue, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among community members.

  • Serve as a hub for educational and artistic events that inspire and empower the community.

Community Resource Center

The Impact Studios include a community resource center that provides access to a range of resources, including books, reference materials, digital resources, and online databases. It serves as a knowledge hub for members to conduct research, explore new ideas, and expand their understanding of their respective fields.


  • Promote lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity within the community.

  • Support members in their research, creative projects, and personal development.

  • Cultivate a culture of knowledge-sharing and continuous education.

Mentorship and Coaching Programs

The Impact Studios offer mentorship and coaching programs where experienced professionals from various creative fields provide guidance, support, and feedback to members. These programs aim to nurture talent, foster professional growth, and facilitate networking opportunities.


  • Provide guidance and mentorship to emerging creative professionals.

  • Facilitate networking opportunities and connections with industry experts.

  • Support members in their personal and professional development journeys.

Urban Array's Impact Studios, guided by the cluster development strategy, are instrumental in driving sustainable development, fostering vibrant communities, and empowering individuals. Through collaborative initiatives, frameworks, and the Community Depot, these studios become catalysts for positive change, providing a nurturing environment for creativity, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. By concentrating resources, expertise, and momentum in specific areas, Urban Array creates impactful spaces that inspire organic growth and contribute to the overall well-being and sustainability of neighborhoods.

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