Member Degrees

In our shared pursuit of building communities centered around empowerment, collaboration, and sustainability, Urban Array has devised a unique system known as Member Degrees.

This is not a vertical hierarchical structure, but rather a meaningful progression path that underscores the depth of understanding, commitment, and contributions each member offers towards our collective vision.

At Urban Array, we're driven by the belief that every individual harbors immense potential to effect change. As such, our Degrees system acknowledges the worth and value of each member's contributions, regardless of their current degree. From the Unranked Aspirant to the Prime Facilitator, each role carries equal weight, value, and respect within our community.

This pathway, while marking roles of increasing responsibility and oversight, is fundamentally about guidance and not command. As members grow in experience and ascend in degrees, their sphere of influence naturally broadens. However, this expansion is always underpinned by a spirit of humility, wisdom, and unwavering commitment to the best interests of individual members, as well as the collective success of the Urban Array vision.

While 'leaderless organizations' may be a contemporary trend, at Urban Array, we embrace a balance that merges egalitarian principles with the practical benefits of structure. Our Degrees do not represent command chains but denote the harmonious intersection of individual journeys, all moving towards a shared vision. We are a tapestry of unique paths, organized for effectiveness in our projects, unified in our partnerships, and resilient in the face of external foes and challenges.

Our Member Degrees system is designed with flexibility in mind, empowering each member to grow at their own pace while also providing a clear roadmap towards leadership and mentorship roles. Progression beyond the 'Coordinator' degree relies not merely on time or participation but on demonstrated alignment with Urban Array's mission, unwavering commitment, and aptitude.

Degree progression is a journey of personal growth, continuous learning, and impactful contributions. Every step forward in this system strengthens our shared vision and reinforces the fabric of our community. Together, we're paving the way towards a future of sustainable and empowered communities, one degree at a time.

Member Levels (Degrees)

Unranked: (0)

  • Spirit of the role: Aspirant

  • Access to the community platform and resources

  • Hour Requirement: None (Beginner level)

Novice: (1)

  • Spirit of the role: Seeker

  • Basic knowledge of Urban Array's principles and values

  • Active participation in discussions and events

  • Approximately 3 months of active participation

Apprentice: (2)

  • Spirit of the role: Catalyst

  • Demonstrated commitment to Urban Array's mission

  • Contributing to projects and initiatives

  • Approximately 6 months of active participation

Adept: (3)

  • Spirit of the role: Trailblazer

  • Proficient in Urban Array's methodologies and practices

  • Taking leadership roles in project development

  • Approximately 12 months of active participation

Coordinator: (4)

  • Spirit of the role: Navigator

  • Effective project coordination and team management skills

  • Mentoring Novices and Apprentices

  • Approximately 18 months of active participation and appointment

Strategist: (5a)

  • Spirit of the role: Visionary

  • Demonstrated strategic thinking and goal-setting abilities

  • Leading initiatives and setting long-term objectives

  • Promotion or appointment-based

Innovator: (5b)

  • Spirit of the role: Pioneer

  • Inspiring others and driving innovation within Urban Array

  • Expanding the organization's reach and impact

  • Promotion or appointment-based

Specialist: (5c)

  • Spirit of the role: Luminary

  • Expertise in a specific area related to Urban Array's mission

  • Providing guidance and support to other members

  • Promotion or appointment-based

Node Leader: (6)

  • Spirit of the role: Vanguard

  • Leading a city-level cohort of Urban Array

  • Organizing local initiatives and community events

  • Promotion or appointment-based

Regional Pathfinder: (7)

  • Spirit of the role: Ambassador

  • Overseeing and training in multiple cohorts and initiatives

  • Promoting collaboration and growth across regions

  • Appointment and merit-based selection

Solidarity Steward: (8a)

  • Spirit of the role: Director

  • Leading Urban Array's operations at the national level

  • Strategic planning and coordination of nationwide initiatives

  • Appointment and merit-based selection

Unity Consul: (8b)

  • Spirit of the role: Global Advocate

  • Guiding Urban Array's global presence and impact

  • Establishing partnerships and collaborations worldwide

  • Appointment and merit-based selection

Prime Facilitator (9)

  • Spirit of the role: Custodian, Guardian, Synergist

  • The highest-ranking position within Urban Array

  • Shaping the organization's vision and strategic direction

  • Appointment and merit-based selection

Kindly note that the time commitments for roles such as Strategist, Innovator, Specialist, Node Leader, and roles of higher degrees are not specifically quantified. This is because progression into these roles is dependent on factors beyond mere time involvement - it's about demonstrated ability, alignment with our mission, and ultimately, appointments and promotions.

The Member Degrees system we've devised serves as a lucid progression path, designed for members to expand their skills, embrace heightened responsibilities, and potentially step into roles of significant influence within Urban Array's community and operational framework. It's a roadmap that guides each member on their unique journey towards personal growth and collective impact.

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