9 Hours a Week: Creating Waves

Your Weekly Time Commitment at Urban Array

Embarking on the journey with Urban Array (UA) isn't about investing excessive time, it's about using your time purposefully. We've designed it in a way where your engagement with UA integrates effortlessly with your everyday life, and your contributions, no matter how small, have a tangible impact.
As a UA member, you’re encouraged to commit about 9 hours each week. But remember, this isn't a rigid requirement; it's more of a flexible guideline that can be adjusted to fit your schedule and lifestyle. These hours include everything: chatting about UA's initiatives with friends, reading and commenting on posts in our digital community, promoting UA's work on social media, participating in our exciting social events, and of course, your chosen tasks. All tasks are broken down into manageable 2-3 hour subtasks to fit neatly into your busy life.
But how can 9 hours each week really make a difference? Let's look at it mathematically:
  • If we have 50 members each contributing 9 hours a week, that's 450 hours a week. Over a month, we've collectively contributed 1,800 hours, which is the equivalent of one person working full time for nearly a year!
  • Scale that up to 100 members, and we're looking at 3,600 hours a month, the equivalent of two people working full time for a year.
  • With 1,000 members, we're contributing 36,000 hours a month, equivalent to 20 people working full time for a year.
  • Now imagine the power of 5,000 members. Together, we would be contributing an astounding 180,000 hours a month, equivalent to 100 people working full time for a year.
That's the power of collective action. Each individual's contribution, when combined with the efforts of the UA community, can have an exponential impact. Your 9 hours a week can transform into a powerful force that drives real change in your community and beyond.
The time you dedicate to UA won't just help your local community; its ripple effect will be felt far and wide. With UA, you're not just a drop in the ocean, you're part of a wave of change. Let's make it happen, together.
Urban Array Foundation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization