🌟Building Renovation Planning and Fundraising (I)

Phase I (March 2024- May 2024)

In the Building Renovation Planning and Fundraising phase, we focus on the physical transformation of our Impact Studios. We conduct thorough research to identify suitable locations, considering factors such as accessibility, community needs, and feasibility. With the help of architects, engineers, and contractors, we develop a detailed renovation plan that ensures structural improvements, building code compliance, energy efficiency, and design elements. Simultaneously, we engage in fundraising activities, preparing grant applications, and cultivating relationships with donors. This phase sets the stage for the actual renovation process and ensures the necessary resources are in place.

Identify Suitable Locations:

Develop a Detailed Renovation Plan:

Create a Budget and Timeline:

Initiate Grant Writing and Fundraising Activities:

Develop a Social Media and Branding Strategy:

Launch Fundraising Campaigns and Events:

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