Impact Studio Building Renovation (II)

Phase II (May 2024- October 2024 )

In the Building Renovation phase, we initiate the physical renovation of our Impact Studios. Construction teams and contractors mobilize to bring our vision to life. Throughout this phase, we closely coordinate with architects, engineers, and professionals to ensure compliance with design specifications and building codes. Simultaneously, we engage volunteers from the community, fostering a sense of community ownership and pride in the renovation project. Regular updates are communicated to the community and donors, showcasing progress, and expressing gratitude for their support. We maintain strict adherence to timelines, budget, and quality standards to ensure a successful renovation.

Begin the Renovation Process:

Coordinate Volunteer Efforts and Community Engagement:

Continuous Updates to Community and Donors:

Collaboration with Local Media Outlets:

Adherence to Timelines and Budget:

Regular Inspections and Quality Control:

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